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About The Shadow Lands

The Shadow Lands Witchery originally opened as The Shadow Lands Apothecary in September 2018. The idea happened by accident. Melissa and Aaron both suffered from extremely sensitive skin. Soaps were either too harsh, smelled like flowers, or didn't smell like anything at all. Annoyed, Melissa decided to see if she could make her own.

From there, things evolved.

Inspired and encouraged by other makers and fellow witches, Melissa decided to find ways to incorporate her witchy practices. She began creating bath products dedicated to different deities and intentions. Then the idea for candles was born.

In January 2019, Melissa and Aaron realized that the shop had evolved into so much more than they initially planned and changed the shop's name. Melissa pulled back on the line of soaps and bath bombs, and focused more on candles that were not only geared toward her fellow witches, but were also inspired by other things that were important to her, such as books, true crime, and the paranormal. This is around the time that Aaron decided to become more involved by creating the Shadow Lands Imaginarium, which showcases more fandom-focused items, like pins, cross stitch patterns, and more.

The Shadow Lands Witchery and Imaginarium is also a proud member of Murderino Makers, a collection of creatives who are not only Murderinos, but also believe it is crucial to give back. Each month, we all team up and donate 15% of our profits to different charities and organizations that we choose. Check them out at MurderinoMakers.com. In addition to MM, Melissa and Aaron routinely donate to organizations such as Ohio Alleycat Resource, Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, GLAAD, and many more. Have one you'd like us to donate to? Email us at shadowlandswitchery@gmail.com!