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We get it. You're taking a chance on buying a candle online, and that can get tricky. We want you to feel comfortable, so take a look at the information below. If you have any questions, send us an email before you order!


1. How long will it take to receive my order? While there are two of us, this is primarily a one-person show. That being said, it can take 7-10 days for your order to be processed, though we do try to get them out much faster. We ship via USPS. If an item is under 16oz, that item will ship first class if possible. All items over 16oz will ship Priority. If you are concerned about getting an item by a certain date, email us prior to placing your order.

2. Aren't all candles basically the same? I (Melissa) own all of the recipes to our products. I spend weeks, sometimes months, developing a recipe/blend before it ever sees the light of day. We do have pets in the home, so there are just some essential oils that will never be used in our shop, even though the tiny monsters are never allowed into my shop room. If you have allergy concerns, please email us prior to placing your order.


3. What happens if my order is lost/stolen/damaged during transit? Once an item hits the post office, what happens from there is out of our hands. That being said, we are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. In the past, we have eaten the product and shipping costs on items that were very carelessly handled by the post office, and as a very small business, we literally cannot afford to do this. Please file a claim with your local post office. They usually require photographs, so make sure you take them. We are, however, happy to offer you a discount on a replacement purchase on the same item, but you must email us with a photo.


4. Can I buy your items in bulk? What about reselling Witchery items? We are thrilled to assist you with a bulk order for yourself or an event. For bulk items, please email us for pricing. For special pricing, items must be purchased in quantities of 20 or more, and a deposit may be required.


If you are interested in carrying any of our items in your shop, please contact us! We would love to hear from you. However, none of our items may be purchased and resold without permission. We work very hard on our items, so please be respectful of this.


5. What happens if my item is returned undeliverable? Sometimes an item is unable to be delivered. If it is returned to me undeliverable, I will make one attempt to reach you. If there is no response after 7 calendar days, the items will be considered forfeited, and no money will be refunded. However, if a response is received and the item needs to be resent, customer is responsible for shipping fees and will need to provide a new address. If you respond within 7 days and no longer want the item, you will receive a 50% refund to cover materials, but will not be refunded for shipping. We are also NOT responsible for any customs fees.

6. RETURNS/CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS/EXCHANGES: Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of ordering, otherwise they will not be canceled. There are no exchanges. Returns can be made within 14 calendar days of delivery with restrictions: contact us first, and items must be unused and in original packaging. You are responsible for return shipping. There are no returns for custom orders. Bath products and perfume items cannot be returned for hygiene and sanitation reasons. There are also no returns or refunds on tarot readings.

7. So, you do custom items? Customized items are available. Pricing will depend on the type of item, quantity, and design. Please contact us for an estimate. A deposit may be required.


8. Finally, we will no longer be answering DMs through Instagram. We get lots of messages all the time, and because of volume, they get lost. If you have questions, concerns, or requests, please send them to our email. Please note that we also reserve the right to refuse an order or request, at which time you will be refunded.