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Witchery recycling program

Want to get 30% off one item?

Send us your empty candle tins, intention candle jars, and bottles. We'll fill it with a new scent from the shop, or refill your old one (as long as we still make it) for 30% off. Send us more than one container back and you'll get 40% off an item for each container! Pack it safely in a box, email us for a ship-to address, and send it our way. It's that simple! We'll even clean it out!

Got cool glass jars that you are considering just tossing out? Send it to us! If you don't want it back, we'll still give you a coupon code for something else.

There's no sense in throwing any of these things out if they can be reused. All we ask is that you pack is safely so it arrives in one piece (especially if it's glass). 


Any questions? Email us at shadowlandswitchery@gmail.com!